Corset Size Chart

We have made it easy for you to choose your correct size.

Just click on the corset that your after, and on the size chart, it will show your waistline size and bingo - that's it!

Sizing Your Corset

Sizing corsets is inexact at best, because of the many varying body types. The size of most Corsets is the size of the corset when it is laced completely closed with both sides touching in the back. (A Size Small corset is 66cm around the waistline, being the smallest point of the corset and laced completely closed.)
I prefer the look of a corset laced with the corset opened 8cm to 14cm between the grommets. In order to achieve this look, take your waist measurement and subtract 6cm for the FULLY STEEL BONED CORSET, or 3cm for the FASHION CORSETS.

Example A: Fully steel boned corsets

if you measure 86cm at the waist, you order a size X Large corset.

Example B: Fashion Corsets

if you measure 86cm at the waist, you order a size 2XL corset

The above rule is general and varies for different body styles. If you have very large breasts, or hips, the back lacing should be extended around these areas. The important factor about purchasing a corset is the smaller size area from your body (Ie. Waist, Hips, Breasts) Focus on this size for the correct corset size.

NOTE: If you find it difficult to close the busk, then you might re-lace your corset using an extra lacing or ribbon particularly if your a first-time corset wearer. The Fully Steel Boned Corsets have extra long lacing for fitting, however the Fashion Corset Tops come with a limited amount of lacing. We recommend that you can purchase 3 metres of lacing (about 8 or 10mm wide) from most stores (including supermarkets) and restring the top or the bottom, so that your meet in the middle with your tie fitting.

Rubber or Latex Waist Trainer Size Chart

As we receive more quality products, and they do not fit the corset sizing chart, We personally go through each size and measure to suit, thus creating our own size chart for the new products. We must stress that these sizes are suppose to fit tight, and if you find it too uncomfortable to wear, perhaps order or exchange to a larger size.

The end result we try to accomplish is that you are happy, and hope that you return to us again.